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In the Sumerian mythological poem Lugal-e, Asag or Azag (Sumerian:𒀉𒉺 a₂-sag₃ Akkadian: asakku[1]), is a monstrous demon, so hideous that his presence alone makes fish boil alive in the rivers.[citation needed]

He was said to be accompanied into battle by an army of rock demon offspring—born of his union with the mountains themselves.[citation needed]

He was vanquished by the heroic Akkadian deity Ninurta, using Sharur, his enchanted talking mace, after seeking the counsel of his father, the god Enlil.[2]

Asag is described as a: "Large, round creature with three legs and three arms, no neck, and several eyes covering its entire mass. It has dark, hardened skin that feels like rock when touched. Nearly indestructible."[citation needed]


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